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SEIA Electronique can provide an alternative to repair, by the sale of industrial electronic frequency drives or their constituent parts. We have an extensive stock of frequency drives available, particularly for DC motors, asynchronous motors, brushless motors or stepper motors, which can be supplied as new or reconditioned components, encompassing all brands on the market.

SEIA Électronique – réparation de variateurs

An extensive stock of new or reconditioned frequency drives for the following:

  • DC motors
  • asynchronous motors
  • brushless motors
  • stepper motors

Our network of partners and the variety of clients from whom we purchase obsolete industrial electronic equipment provide us with access to equipment which is no longer in production by manufacturers. In addition to sales and purchases, we also undertake repairs in the form of standard replacement or maintenance operations, etc.. SEIA Electronique always have a multitude of solutions available, so that you are never left at a standstill.

SEIA Électronique – réparation de variateurs




We are committed to giving you notice of availability within 1 hour, in response to a simple request.


Our equipment, which is guaranteed for up to two years, is compliant with a rigorous, transparent and traceable protocol.


A vast stock of new or reconditioned components, even for equipment which is no longer in production.


We give a second life to obsolete industrial PLCs, through recycling.
2 years
repairs guaranteed (see GCS*)

Our “frequency drive” products

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repair means recycling

Free quotations
within 24/48 hours
Guarantees valid for up to 2y

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Q&A on SEIA Electronics

Do you offer new or used frequency drives?
We offer both new and used frequency drives, depending on the references. All our second-hand drives are carefully tested and checked to ensure that they work properly before being offered for sale.
What is the return policy for frequency drives purchased from yourself?

We offer a return period of 30 days for variators purchased from us. If you encounter a problem, or if a variator does not meet your expectations, please contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we will identify an appropriate solution.

What is the capacity range of the frequency drives which you supply?

We supply an extensive range of variators of different capacities, in order to meet the varied requirements of our clients, ranging from 0.5 to 400 kW. Whether you need a variator for a small machine or a large-scale industrial system, we have options which are appropriate for every requirement.

What is the procedure for the buyback of electronic equipment, which is available to professionals in the industry?

Our procedure for the buyback of electronic equipment is simple and effective. Firstly, you can contact us with details of the equipment which you wish to sell. Our team of experts will then value this equipment, in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria. We will then submit a fair buyback offer for your consideration. If you accept our offer, we will then proceed with payment and the collection of equipment.

What delivery options are available for the purchase of electronic equipment or the repair of equipment?

We can provide various delivery options for your convenience. We work with reliable logistics partners, in the interests of rapid and secure delivery. You can select the dispatch method which is best suited to your requirements, whether standard or express delivery, or collection in person from our premises. We are flexible, and will endeavour to satisfy your delivery requirements.


Lisa assier

Very good response for the repair of an electronic circuit board – out of service at 9 a.m. and repaired by 2 p.m..
 Thank you again.



Highly professional, with a choice of high-quality components, and good advice. I would recommend them for any electronic repairs.


Elian Salvetat

Very professional and a choice of quality parts with good advice ! I recommend them for all electronic repairs !



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