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repairs guaranteed (*see GCS)
For 2 ans

Sales and purchases of industrial electronic equipment

We can offer an alternative to repairs, through the sale or purchase of industrial electronic equipment.

SEIA - Rapidité des réparations


We are committed to giving you notice of availability within 1 hour, in response to a simple request.

SEIA - Fiabilité des réparations


Our equipment is guaranteed for up to 2 years, in accordance with a rigorous, transparent and traceable protocol.

SEIA - Neuf ou reconditionné beaucoup de choix disponible


A vast stock of new or reconditioned components, even for equipment which is no longer in production.

SEIA - Eco-responsable


We give a second life to obsolete electronic equipment through recycling.

SEIA – vente et rachat de matériel électronique industriel - vente et rachat



SEIA Electronique can supply an extensive stock of new or reconditioned components, as an alternative to repairs, encompassing all brands of industrial electronic equipment which is available on the market.

Our network of partners and the variety of clients from whom we purchase obsolete industrial electronic equipment provide us with access to equipment which is no longer in production by manufacturers. In addition to sales and purchases, we also undertake repairs in the form of standard replacement or maintenance operations…

SEIA Electronique always have a multitude of solutions available, so that you are never left at a standstill.

Do we provide a comprehensive range of electronic repair services?

For the maintenance in operational condition (MOC) of your production facilities at all times.

SEIA - Clonage de carte electronique


With or without a circuit layout diagram, we can replicate the industrial electronic circuit boards which are essential to your production facility.

SEIA - Maintenance des composants


We manage the obsolescence of your production line through the deployment of preventive and curative maintenance.

SEIA - Conception des systemes


Hand in hand, we can undertake the design and optimization of systems which are susceptible to obsolescence and the deterioration of components.

SEIA - Vente et Rachat


We undertake operations in our workshops or on-site on any type of industrial electronic equipment, of whatever technology or any brand.

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repair means recycling

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Q&A on SEIA Electronics

How do we manage your requests for equipment?

Post a request on our website, using the contact form on the right. Our response times are very short, and even if your electronic equipment is not included in our catalogue, we will be able to locate it through our vast network of partners.

How can the progress of your requests be tracked?

The MySEIA client space is available for the provision of real-time information on the state of progress of your requests, repairs, sales or other operations.
You can also use this client space to consult your documents, confirm quotations, or use our live chat facility to talk directly to our staff teams, if you require information.

What is the level of expertise of our staff teams?

All our engineers are qualified, experienced, and fully-versed in the diagnostic operations, repairs and tests which they are called upon to execute. Accessible and true to the image of SEIA Electronique, they do their utmost to complete the projects which you assign to them.


Very good response for the repair of an electronic circuit board – out of service at 9 a.m. and repaired by 2 p.m..
 Thank you again.



Highly professional, with a choice of high-quality components, and good advice. I would recommend them for any electronic repairs.



Very professional and a choice of quality parts with good advice ! I recommend them for all electronic repairs !

Elian Salvetat



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