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Electronic expertise

Established in 1985, SEIA delivers tailor-made services to professionals in the fields of industrial electronic maintenance and repairs.

In a genuine spirit of partnership, our personal know-how and advanced technical expertise are available to support the long-term maintenance of your production facilities and streams.

Since our establishment, we have worked with 2,000 companies, ranging in size from the smallest SME to the largest corporation. We deliver innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions to these companies.

SEIA Électronique - un savoir-faire électronique industriel

Our location

A locally-based partner, we have three workshops covering the south of France and northern Spain. Our geographical strategy allows us to deliver technical support to over 80% of our clients within the hour.

A responsive and experienced team

Accessible and reliable, our team of experts will do their utmost to complete the projects which you assign to them.

A taste for challenges and a spirit of service are integral to the DNA of each of our experts, resulting in a responsiveness and commitment which make our company a trusted partner for all operations.

Always accessible, we are constantly in the field, delivering high-quality and tailor-made services, together with rapid and high-performance troubleshooting solutions.

SEIA Électronique - Une équipe agile et expérimentée
SEIA Électronique - L’objectif de vous satisfaire

Your satisfaction is our objective

On a daily basis, all our staff are committed to the fulfilment of stringent demands, in the interests of satisfying all your requirements.

Their approach forms part of a policy for the ongoing improvement of our methods and policies, in the interests of optimizing the quality of our services.

In consequence, the effectiveness of our operations is constantly increasing, as they are supported by a personalized degree of attentiveness and relevant technology.

Innovative solutions

Since 1985, we have ensured the maintenance in operational condition (MOC) of numerous electronic facilities. We draw upon this solid experience for the deployment of preventive or curative solutions, in which each facility is treated according to its requirements.

All our operations enjoy the back-up of alternative services, including retrofitting (partial replacement), the sale of used equipment or cloning. Each project enriches our experience and our range of solutions, making us a key player in the field of industrial electronic repairs and MOC.

SEIA Électronique - Des solutions électroniques innovantes